1 The World Caste System

Created Wednesday 16 November 2022

Brahman Caste

Parasitic, empowered, highly-privileged, lawless, rapacious, vengeful hegemon caste. Land Pirates. Those you cannot criticize. They run the planet and have more money than God. They pirate value by counterfeiting principle and lending it at interest (which they don't print - thus assuring them a foreclosure (theft) of about 6% of all tabled collateral every loan cycle). They own everything. Everything is "bank-owned" or "government-owned" (these terms simply mean "Brahman-owned"). Since they are supra-wealthy, Brahmans simply purchase whatever outcomes they want, and on any scale; they can ruin an uppity Suzy Housewife over a school-board incident using lawfare and cancellation, and they can destroy whole nations, like Russia, through control of the World's government, military, and financial institutions.

It is a risky thing to observe that the Brahman caste consists largely of internationalists with messianic and superiority complexes and that operate under a blatant ethnic and religious imposture. So, don't do that.

Spectator Caste

Parasitic, feckless, and useless for anything other than frivolous dissipation of all things, physical and spiritual. A brainless, loud, insistent, gratification-addicted, arm-chair "Karen" caste that simply watches things happen and then gets talkatively upset about it. Their utility to the Brahmans is simply to "vote" and thus give "democratic" legitimacy to the Brahman hegemony. The spectator caste is addicted to drugs, alcohol, fornication, porn, material consumption and disposal (lots of it), coffee shops, entertainment, "social" "media", celebrity, gossip, disruption, spying on neighbors, bullying, whining, and virtue-signaling. Everything that gets done by the spectator caste gets done solely as a gratification of some type of lust. Any value-addition that emerges from this orgy of self-preoccupation is rare and purely coincidental and unintentional. Virtue-signaling helps fulfill the lust to be popular. The spectator caste desires nothing but popularity and the satiation of lust.

It's OK to observe that the spectator-caste social character looks just like that of baboons: mindless angry screaming, endless attacks and fighting over non-issues, lots and lots of unrepentent fornication, and ritualistic sexual mounting to signal dominance (especially from the safety of a forum's comment section, in the case of the human monkeys).

Value-Adding Caste

Humanity. This caste builds and fixes things, persuades the land to grow food, and dies in Brahman wars.

If the spectator caste is the 10-mile suburban strip mall on Black Friday, then the value caste is the forest that once stood there.