Zim Public-Page Export Script

Created Monday 21 November 2022

This custom Python export script for Zim notebooks will publish to HTML those pages that include a @PUBLIC tag.

If you want a local Zim page to remain private and unpublished, simply do not tag it with a @PUBLIC tag. Running the custom script on the notebook will export-to-HTML all pages tagged as @PUBLIC but will not export any page that is not tagged as @PUBLIC.

When saving the script, locate and name it to suit yourself.

Revising/updating existing notebook server content:

  1. Delete the entire local folder (.../html ?) to which you export local notebook html content.
  2. Delete the server folder containing the notebook html content ( /var/www/html perhaps).
  3. Run script to make freshly-created exported html locally.
  4. Copy the just-exported local .../html folder to the server as the new /var/www/html root.
  5. Refresh browser to see changes.